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Be a Friend, Buy a Brick

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We are inviting the community to participate in our “Be a Friend, Buy a Brick” fundraising program. This is an opportunity to leave your mark -literally. Buy a commemorative plaque, or series of plaques, that will be prominently displayed on the Fairbanks’ brick walls. This is a unique chance to recognize individuals, families, businesses, sports teams, etc, featuring a name and/or personalized message.  

The commemorative plaques are 4”x8” and beautifully crafted. Each plaque can be inscribed with up to 3 lines, and up to 12 characters per line.

The cost of each plaque is $25 exness india. This  is a once in a lifetime occasion to help your community with a gift that will stand the test of time.

The Drew Lewis Foundation is currently renovating the former Fairbanks Elementary School into a community resource center for the Grant Beach Neighborhood. Proceeds will go directly to the Drew Lewis Foundation education and neighborhood enhancement projects at the Fairbanks.


Engraving: 3 lines, up to 12  characters* per line.

*A space equals 1 character