Drew Lewis Foundation @ The Fairbanks

Community. Restoration. Engagement.

        Amy Blansit and husband, Drew Lewis dreamed big and took a leap of faith purchasing the landmark Fairbanks building. Although Drew lost his battle with cancer in May 2013, Amy continues to work to achieve their shared vision of community betterment exness. Now, the Fairbanks, in partnership with Boys and Girls Club and other community organizations, wants to “pay it forward” by dedicating annual events to the children in our community. 

​        The Drew Lewis Foundation focuses on asset-based urban development to realize the potential of a community. When communities feel ownership and involvement in their own assets they are more likely to act in their best interests. Asset-based planning provides the means and the motivation for community members to visualize possibilities and expand upon the services currently offered. Building from within also opens up new opportunities for funding sources, and can add leverage to established resources for increased effectiveness. The Drew Lewis Foundation creates special initiatives to help raise awareness, establish new uses, provide resources, and assist in the preservation and rehabilitation of community assets. To put it in everyday terms, funding sources get the opportunity to “jump on board a moving train”.
​​        The mission of the Drew Lewis Foundation is to improve the quality of life in under-served urban neighborhoods. To accomplish this, the Foundation partners with existing area organizations to establish community hubs, which serve to boost the economic and physical wellness of neighborhood residents of all ages. These outcomes are achieved through a variety of means, including education and vocational programs, garden-to-table initiatives exness forex, public health services and community events.